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It’s 1975. Several years before his death, Charles Chaplin enters a look-alike contest of himself in France. He probably thinks he is a shoo-in for the prize and everyone will have a hearty laugh at the end. But then, he comes in third. A jury of…

After huge pumps on the price of both tokens, we thought we must shed some light on the differences between two tokens that incentivize two BitTorrent ecosystems. They may look the same, but they are quite different.

BTT: Built on Confusion

While BitTorrent is an open source protocol, Tron has acquired BitTorrent INC, a company named exactly the same way than the protocol. BitTorrent INC builds technology on top of BitTorrent protocol — a protocol they don’t own — including BTT (BitTorrent Token) and BitTorrent Speed. Flixxo uses BitTorrent as well…

Partnerships, NFTs, DeFi, white label and a full refactory of the product. 2020 was an amazing year… 2021 is going to be awesome.

In June 2018, Flixxo became the first p2p video platform with an economic incentive for its users. Our first army of Flixxers were crypto-savvy-users. Later, in 2019, we delivered the first mobile versions. In 2020 we focused on the non-crypto-savvy-final-users, releasing improved mobile and web versions (check it out at…

Dentro de la nueva normalidad, los festivales de cine empiezan a explorar nuevos paradigmas y dan un paso sin retorno hacia el streaming . Sin embargo, la apertura a la virtualidad cambia las reglas del juego en la exhibición de contenidos en festivales internacionales, abriendo varias incógnitas. ¿Geo bloquear el contenido hasta qué punto? ¿Limitar el acceso a las películas imitando la capacidad de las salas? En Flixxo hosteamos la edición 2020 del Festival Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre y compartimos nuestra experiencia y nuestras conclusiones.

BARS web y BARS mobile, dos opciones para un festival 100% virtual.

Durante un año de grandes cambios y desafíos, no solo logramos mantener el ritmo de desarrollo de Flixxo sino que también alcanzamos varios de nuestros mayores logros, como el lanzamiento oficial de la plataforma y el estreno de nuestras primeras producciones originales. Con el 2020 casi finalizado nos encontramos con…

On October 3th, a hacker stole ~$150MM in assets from Kucoin’s hot wallets. Part of these assets were Flixx that the hacker dumped in the market in a matter of hours, sinking the price of the token. We have decided to share some lines with our community to better understand the responsibilities and the future of the token and the project.

Buenos Aires, October 5th 2020

Long story short, we listed our token Flixx in Kucoin back in December 2017. Kucoin was a small exchange then, and our contact was fluid. After a year, the exchange grew from 8 people to 200 employees. Our new “listing manager” warned us about having…

To deliver, learn and pivot. That’s our motto. After releasing Flixxo to a broad audience, we took a month to analyse the behaviour of our first batch of users and the performance of the apps, in order to redefine our roadmap and shape our strategy for the upcoming months.

Total registered users to date:
44,297 (+8,775)

From August 1st to August 31th:

Total ads served:
(with a completion rate of 85%)

Total Flixx rewarded to consumers:

Total Videos watched:

Total Flixx paid to content creators:

Total Flixx paid to seeders:

Value of Flixx:
u$ 0,015


With our dev team dedicated…

Casi 40,000 usuarios, 200,000 anuncios mostrados, 90,000 videos reproducidos y 45,000 Flixx entregados a los creadores de contenido. Lanzamos hace un mes, y el futuro se ve prometedor.

Ya pasó un mes desde nuestro mayor hito hasta ahora: nuestro lanzamiento oficial. Queremos compartir con ustedes algunas estadísticas. Sin más preámbulo… vamos directo al grano:

Total de usuarios registrados al día de la fecha:


Desde el 25 de Junio al 31 de Julio:

Anuncios mostrados:
(85% de reproducción completa en promedio)

Cantidad de Flixx entregados a…

Almost 40,000 users, 200,000 ads served, 90,000 videos played and 45,000 Flixx in hands of content creators. Flixxo has just been launched and the future looks promising.

One month has passed after our biggest milestone yet: our official release. We wanted to share with you some stats. So, enough introduction… let’s go straight to the point:

Total registered users to date:

From June 25th to July 31th:

Total ads served:
(with a completion rate of 85%)

Total Flixx rewarded to consumers…


Watch, share. Earn! Mixing Bittorrent+Blockchain to develop a social economy based on video sharing. Follow the conversation on Telegram

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