Coinomi and Flixxo, an awesome partnership

Buenos Aires, November 10th 2017: Flixxo, the community based video distribution platform built by Popcorn Time creator and RSK co-founder, has partnered with Coinomi to natively support Flixx tokens in their popular android wallet. Coinomi will also be allowing one click contribution directly from their wallet into Flixxo´s ongoing token sale, which is about to surpass USD3 million.

“It is awesome taking Flixx to Coinomi, as it is an outstanding tool for our users to easily handle and trade their tokens after the ICO. We are confident that this partnership will also lead awareness on our project into their wide community. On the other hand, having George (Kimionis) as part of our advisory board will ensure a better adoption of our token into exchanges and other wallets, as well as an organic interaction with other tokens” said Adrian Garelik, CEO of Flixxo.

This partnership also involves George Kimionis, Coinomi CEO, into Flixxo´s team as an advisor. Kimionis background in the creation of financial and trading software, along with his experience as a founder of many startups and his multiple successful exits both in companies he founded and he invested on, will be for sure an exceptional addition to fulfill Flixxo´s vision. Also, Kimionis expertise will be helpful while integrating a Flixx wallet within the streaming platform.

“Flixxo comes to disrupt the video industry by eliminating centralized services and intermediaries and thus maximizing the payouts towards the actual content producers who only get a small chunk of the total profits with the current model, and replacing annoying ads and ridiculously high video pricing tags with an as-low-as-it-gets, pay-per-view fee. Flixxo’s model saves time and money to the content viewers and tunnels profits to the actual content producers which allows them to create higher quality content, which in turn translates to even better value-for-money for the content viewers. We couldn’t miss the opportunity to be part of this revolution so not only did we invest in this ICO but we also enabled the mechanism to our users who can now participate to the token sale from within their wallets via Coinomi’s secure, two-clicks ICO checkout service and also store and trade their Flixx inside the industry’s leading, security-first multi-asset wallet.” said Kimionis.

This is a huge step for Flixxo, and awesome news for its vibrant community.

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