Flixxo 2018: state of the project

4 min readJan 16, 2018

Year of the ICO is over. After November 23rd, 2017, we have started a whole new stage focusing on the deployment of the first version of the platform in Q2 2018. This has meant for us to hire new members, to redesign the communication strategy and to start developing new partnerships within industries we plan to disrupt: streaming and advertising.

So far, 5 new developers have joined our team, a total of 11 people working to bringing Flixxo to life and, in the next weeks, more developers will be joining the team. On the other hand, you will be hearing news on new incorporations with backgrounds in content acquisition and marketing.

Part of the team in Buenos Aires´ office: Fernanda, Oscar, Javier, Alejandro, Adrián, Federico and Pablo.

This week part of our team has traveled to Miami to participate at NATPE 2018 (natpe.com), one of the biggest content markets of the year. Such an event brings a lot of awareness on Flixxo and this one is the beginning. We are just warming up for May, when we will present our functional platform in one of the most well-known and prestigious events of the content industry. Stay tuned!

Move over Hollywood… here comes Flixxo!

Our CEO, Adrián Garelik, has spent most of December and some days in January traveling from Los Angeles to Miami, too. He has been introducing Flixxo to some Hollywood producers, YouTube stars and advertising agencies. The answer was better than expected. Having our advertising model validated by one of the biggest world players in the AD industry was simply… awesome! It is just like having Don Draper knocking at your door.

In the last weeks token value was an insane rollercoaster drive that brought Flixxo a lot of awareness into the crypto-space. $FLIXX moved from $0,05 to almost a dollar per token in just a few weeks — at the moment we are sharing this the price is around $0,35 — and the trading volume at our star exchange KuCoin reached u$3M a day. We were shocked by this as we would have only expected such a rally after deploying the platform. We know many of you are expecting Flixx to be listed on the biggest exchanges, but that takes time and, as you might know, big speculation, pumps and dumps are expected after such listing. We need to be strong for that kind of movement and exposure on our token and the best way of being strong is by deploying a product. We have listing commitments following the platform release in May, but some of those listing may be done in advanced as we feel confident on the strength of our communication or when we find a good market opportunity.

This week Coindesk published an article on Flixxo, on which they stated “A new generation of startups believes decentralizing their platforms will allow content creators to interact directly with their audiences with the use of a crypto token. At the same time, users will get more choice in how their attention can be monetized — they can view ads, release personal information or even contribute part of their computing power to the operation of the system.” Coindesk is one of the biggest and most respected media in the crypto-space and we are proud and happy to have their support.

What´s next?

In the following weeks we will introduce to our community the new team members and the new partnerships we were building. We expect to have some news on exchanges pretty soon and we will be releasing two initiatives to bring awareness and commitment from authors and to make the community bigger: on one hand, a bounty program for content creators is on its way. On the other hand, Flixxo is leading a consortium of Blockchain+Entertainment companies working together to face the challenges of disrupting business models that were settled and accepted for years. As we are buying new desks and chairs for making the Flixxo team bigger and discussing with the community which term describes better a Flixxo content creator — Flixxer, Flixxian, Flixxster… — we are hands-on in the development of the platform, attracting content creators and advertisers, building up a global communication strategy and, from time to time, trying to spend some time with our families.

This is going to be an incredible year for Flixxo and it is awesome being part of it!




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