After a lot of work, the video platform Flixxo is facing its hardest challenge to date: a massive launch. With its mobile apps ready to go, a new landing page — which by its design has already been nominated to the Awwwards — and a brand new web player; with a good variety of content and original productions looking for new audiences, and with a monetization scheme running, Flixxo is launching to the public in Argentina, being exposed to an audience that doesn’t know about cryptocurrencies and who will participate in a token based economy and a collaborative platform for the first time in their lives.

Flixxo’s new web player allows users to watch content on desktop without having to download apps.

Why Argentina?
While most of the content on the platform doesn’t have geographic restrictions, its exclusive series and those with higher production values have a path of festivals and markets behind of them, and they are licensed country by country, region by region.
Video platforms are released by closing agreements in each territory. It is very difficult — and excessively expensive — to get worldwide licenses for content. In addition, our crypto nature demands us to make specific agreements with local exchanges and businesses.

We are starting at our homeland, Argentina, with content oriented to an spanish-speaking audience and original productions aiming to reach a segmented target — from 14 to 24 years old, stretching up to 34 — , users who are mostly digital natives, used to mobile consumption, social networks and short form content.

This is also the best way to manage our resources and to generate more of them in order to be able to scale.

Flixxo is now producing incomes based on advertisement, which allow us to distribute earnings with content creators and to progressively stop depending on the money raised during the ICO and become a self sustaining company.

And how will we find an audience?
Our main strategy relies on our original productions. We turn to popular influencers and get them out of their comfort zone: instead of creating the same content they make for YouTube or their social networks, we challenge them to produce quality content. Such is the case of ZEP Films, the Spanish spoken YouTube channel about movies with the biggest audience. Along with them we have produced Cinema in Real Life, an eight episode series in which Nicolás Amelio-Ortiz wanders through Los Angeles and visits the locations of the most iconic movies in film history.

Nico Amelio Ortiz visits the most iconic movie locations in Los Angeles.

We also brought back to life a popular animated series, Alejo and Valentina, a web series pioneer and a smash hit in MTV from 2004 to 2007. Its new seasons have guest appearances of popular influencers who grew up with the series and who are helping us promote the platform.

More than 50 classic episodes from Alejo and Valentina, and two brand new seasons!

Among our productions are also the interactive series ALT ESC, Neptunia and Backstage (co-produced with Uruguay and Spain, respectively); winners of the pitch contest of the Buenos Aires Series festival, Putos Rotos and San Martin’s Head; the brand new animation Bizarre Creatures and the episodic feature film The Red Star.

Besides our original productions, this week we have launched a press campaign and during the upcoming days we will begin with digital marketing and influencer-based campaigns. The goal is to grow at a nice steady pace, hearing and learning from our users’ feedback.

And then?
After Argentina we will continue with a launch in Latin American, US hispanics and Spain. They represent 450 million people, a more than interesting ground in which to keep growing.

While the app is available in english and most content is accessible worldwide, our current goal is to keep an active dialogue with our users, in order to add new functionalities and partners. We also focus in content production and curation in order to reach new audiences.

Flixxo’s wheels are turning. We invite you to be a part of it.

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