Flixxo makes a dollar!

“El Viejo”, star of one of our shows, a bump who knows how much a single Dollar can mean

Just a couple of weeks before our long-expected mainstream release in Argentina, we have integrated our mobile apps with Google’s AdMob advertising network. After a couple of downloads on the new versions, and having a small group of users playing with the app, we have made our first dollar.

It is too early to start making estimates, but after 200 ad impressions our users have earned and paid to the content creators an average of half a cent of dollar per play. At this stage, we have decided to link Flixxo to an advertising network and use the revenues to buy Flixx in the market, which we will use in-app to reward our users. If we have 10,000 users during our first month, and they watch an average of 5 ads per day, that will generate USD7,500 which can then be used to purchase Flixx in exchanges — Flixx is currently being traded on Liquid, Bancor, Livecoin and Folgory

If you’re not familiar with Flixxo — you can download the mobile apps from the stores — it is super simple to understand how it works: users get paid in Flixx for watching ads or completing some challenges, and they spend those Flixx on the content they like. Content creators get paid immediately after each play, and they exchange their Flixx in the market thanks to the organic volume that we generate using the ad revenues to buy back Flixx — which we need to reward our users — Users can also withdraw their tokens to their wallets — such as Coinomi or Jaxx Liberty — or send Flixx to other users. We are partnering with some vendors, so our users will be able to spend their Flixx to make purchases outside the app — a pizza, a subscription to a music streaming service, etc.

There’s a second flow of Flixx that content creators share with the “seeders” of their content on our incentivized and green BitTorrent p2p network.

Anyone can upload content to our “community” section. But, as we come from the film industry, we understand the need for a content strategy that exceeds user-generated content. That’s why we shifted our attention to microseries — series with episodes that last less than 10' — gathering more than 100 shows from the best microseries festivals around the world, while also becoming producers of original series for the platform.

Our original shows, with a strong focus on Latin American markets, are being distributed to other platforms around the world. We have just announced a partnership with Glowstar Media, who became the exclusive worldwide distributor of our series. Another way of making a dollar for the company :)




Watch, share. Earn! Mixing Bittorrent+Blockchain to develop a social economy based on video sharing. Follow the conversation on Telegram t.me/flixxo

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Watch, share. Earn! Mixing Bittorrent+Blockchain to develop a social economy based on video sharing. Follow the conversation on Telegram t.me/flixxo

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