Flixxo: state of the project August 2020

To deliver, learn and pivot. That’s our motto. After releasing Flixxo to a broad audience, we took a month to analyse the behaviour of our first batch of users and the performance of the apps, in order to redefine our roadmap and shape our strategy for the upcoming months.

4 min readSep 3, 2020


Total registered users to date:
44,297 (+8,775)

From August 1st to August 31th:

Total ads served:
(with a completion rate of 85%)

Total Flixx rewarded to consumers:

Total Videos watched:

Total Flixx paid to content creators:

Total Flixx paid to seeders:

Value of Flixx:
u$ 0,015


With our dev team dedicated to implement new features, we’ve been very busy on the business side. On one hand, we kept the original productions pace by developing two new shows: the cartoon Bizarre Creatures and the epic co-production with the Basque Country in Spain, Backstage. We have already proven that Flixxo Originals are the best way of attracting new users and engaging them with the platform.

If Bizarre Creatures may sound bizarre, Backstage takes bizarre to a new level.

On the other hand, as we have previously announced, we’ve closed our first deals with two huge players: Caracol TV from Colombia and Dori Media from Israel. We will be adding this month eight microseries from Caracol, and another one from Dori Media, Amanda O, starred by one of the most important actresses in Argentina: Natalia Oreiro.

Natalia Oreiro and Luciano Castro, in the 120 episode microseries Amanda O.


We have added to our team an incredible advisor on digital marketing, with a huge track record in the ads industry, both on the supply and demand sides. He has been working for Headway Digital, OLX and Disney, and now he has engaged in our project. We are exploring together improved monetisation tools for our apps and rethinking our paid marketing campaigns.

We will soon be doing a long expected integration with the decentralised ad exchange AdEx as well!

With Alejo and Valentina fifth season coming to an end, we are putting together a live streaming event with some of the influencers that have put their voices for some of the characters in the cartoon. We will be hosting an amazing event, presenting among others:

  • El Demente (+4MM followers)
  • Nico Amelio Ortiz (~2MM followers)
  • Marito Baracus (+2MM followers)
  • Lit Killah (~4MM followers)


DeFi? Have we said DeFi? Yup, we’ve been thinking on how to bring more value and liquidity to our token Flixx, and we’ve been exploring DeFi tools for quite a while. We deeply believe that the value would eventually come from user adoption, but we’ve learnt some lessons from the best projects in the space. Instead of replicating them, we’ve been helping define a new wave of DeFi tools, and the results will be seen in the upcoming weeks.

(Hint: DeFi on Bitcoin)

Meanwhile, we have opened a liquidity pool on Uniswap, pairing Flixx with DAI and ETH, and we have changed our Market Making strategy on Liquid and Livecoin exchanges.


We have made a lot of progress in developing the transfer and withdrawal tools. We will be launching the transfers in the upcoming update, followed by withdrawals in the very near future. Transfers can include a message, making this the first step towards connecting creators with consumers.

We have improved the UX/UI and the web player has an amazing new look and feel, and we will be adding ads to the web player to let web users experiment the full Flixxo experience. We have also been playing with the CAST feature, so Flixxo is coming soon to a TV near you.

As we have learnt, users are looking for emotions. They feel like laughing, crying, falling and love or having goosebumps. We will start experimenting with a recommendation engine based on emotions in the upcoming releases of Flixxo.

Furthermore (and more!) we have been working with a new partner, Papamusic, to add a sonic personality to our brand. How does Flixxo sound? You ain’t heard nothin’ yet!


It feels like something big is going on. More and more creators are reaching out to us everyday willing to bring their content to our platform, and we are continuously participating in media industry’s event as a qualified voice (you can take a look at this panel hosted by Dataxis and NextTv, in which our CEO Adrian Garelik shared his opinion on hybrid monetisation models for OTTs, together with other players from LATAM)

We keep our goal of reaching 100k users by the end of 2020 — even though we are confident we can surpass that number — , and extending our user acquisition efforts to Latin America, US hispanics and Spain in 2021.

Appendix A: Rumor has it

We are in advanced conversations to release the first white label version of our platform, increasing the reach of our GVOD model and our Flixx token. Picture yourself watching a video performance online and earning Flixx you can then exchange for a discount on the MoMa gift shop in NY or a beer in the cafeteria at the Malba museum in Buenos Aires…




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