Flixxo: state of the project July 2020

One month has passed after our biggest milestone yet: our official release. We wanted to share with you some stats. So, enough introduction… let’s go straight to the point:

Total registered users to date:

From June 25th to July 31th:

Total ads served:
(with a completion rate of 85%)

Total Flixx rewarded to consumers:

Total Videos watched:

Total Flixx paid to content creators:

Total Flixx paid to seeders:

Value of Flixx:
u$ 0,02


Our official launch date was June 29th, with the release of the brand new season of Alejo and Valentina. However, new users started to flow into the platform with some days of anticipation. Flixxo peaked 13,000 ads served in 24hs on June 30th, and kept an average of ~4,000 ads served per day during the rest of the month.

Before the official release of the app, we had ~10,000 registered users, so we gained about 27,000 new users (270%) during the first month. Unlike our early users, most of this new users had never dealt with a token nor a crypto related app before. 70% of the new users are from Argentina, but we have also reached Chile, Uruguay, Peru and Colombia.

There was little or no friction with the token, and the majority of the users understood the app at first glance.


We’ve been testing some paid ads on social networks, Google and Bing, with 19 different ideas, to measure performance. Our campaigns were successful with users 14–24yo followed by 24–34yo. We will keep testing, before launching a bigger campaign on September.

We developed a press campaign, and we have been mentioned on many of the biggest news outlets in Argentina. Alejo and Valentina was a huge driver of traffic, and some of the influencers participating in our series, linking posts to our platform, were a great tool for acquiring new users as well.

At the end of the report, we are sharing some articles (in Spanish),


After a hectic release, we spent the month fixing some sign up and sign in issues. But we are moving forward too, in the upcoming weeks we will be ready to allow Flixx transactions between users and Flixx withdrawals from the mobile apps. We may also be integrating the first partners for spending Flixx outside the platform.


During our first month, we added — or are in the process of adding — more than 20 new shows to the platform, as well as a lot of influencers content in the Community section. We have closed deals with two huge players in the media industry: Caracol TV from Colombia and Dori Media Group from Israel, bringing together 10 new microseries to the app.


We have exceeded our expectations! Our main goal for this year is proving that Flixxo’s model works, and the feedback from our first thousands of users was really positive — with the exception of the signup/sign in processes —

We feel confident on starting a big marketing campaign in September as we launch new functionalities in the app — Flixx transfers and withdrawals — that are game changer for our users.

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Watch, share. Earn! Mixing Bittorrent+Blockchain to develop a social economy based on video sharing. Follow the conversation on Telegram t.me/flixxo

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Watch, share. Earn! Mixing Bittorrent+Blockchain to develop a social economy based on video sharing. Follow the conversation on Telegram t.me/flixxo

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