Flixxo vs BitTorrent Token

After huge pumps on the price of both tokens, we thought we must shed some light on the differences between two tokens that incentivize two BitTorrent ecosystems. They may look the same, but they are quite different.

4 min readApr 5, 2021

BTT: Built on Confusion

While BitTorrent is an open source protocol, Tron has acquired BitTorrent INC, a company named exactly the same way than the protocol. BitTorrent INC builds technology on top of BitTorrent protocol — a protocol they don’t own — including BTT (BitTorrent Token) and BitTorrent Speed. Flixxo uses BitTorrent as well, and rewards seeders of the Flixxo platform with Flixx token. What are the differences, then, between Flixx and BTT?

BTT claims to be the token that powers the BitTorrent network, with impressive numbers: 2 Billion users, 200 Million wallets.

And, keeping the “confusion” premise, they also state that some of the biggest players in the universe use the BitTorrent protocol — nor the BTT token, nor technology from BitTorrent INC — . You can see Netflix, Facebook, Twitter and Google logos, but it is very difficult to read they use just the open source protocol and not BitTorrent X. Confusing, right?

Well, enough talking. Let’s power the BitTorrent network by torrenting something and earning some BTT tokens in exchange. Let me choose a movie… What about Disney’s premium “Raya and the Last Dragon”?

Seeding “Raya and the last dragon” on BitTorrent Web client.

Do BitTorrent X has the right to distribute Disney latest blockbuster? No. Do they have the right to play this content on top of their player? No. Does any user has the right to monetize its distribution? No

This is the main difference between Flixx and BTT. While Flixx incentivizes a private BitTorrent network, and Flixxo Limited supervises that the content has the appropriate rights, or produces its original videos or acquires the license, BTT incentivizes any kind of content distribution. Even piracy. With pirated content being 95% of the media distributed on open BitTorrent networks, BTT turns into a token to incentivize piracy. Users get paid for distributing illegal content, turning them into partners in crime. Many final users got sued for torrenting unlicensed content… what about seeding and earning money?

Unlicensed content may be replaced with illegal content, from child porn to snuff movies, and users will monetize its distribution as well.

FLIXX: Built on Content

Flixxo took time to develop its own platform with curated videos: we are testing short form series and user generated content. Content is key to develop a healthy, attractive and legal ecosystem. Users that participate as seeders know that our content has the appropriate license rights.

Seeding in Flixxo.

That’s why, after three years of conversations and blockchain/BitTorrent evangelization, some of the biggest studios are trusting us to deliver their content.

Furthermore, in Flixxo’s ecosystem creators pay a fee for using the distributed network, incentivizing their consumers to become seeders of their content, creating strong bonds between creators and their communities of fans.

Of course, this article is 100% biased… but we would really love to engage in a conversation with BTT to improve both ecosystems and to develop reliable technologies that entertainment industry is keen on using.

Incentivizing the distribution of illegal content is a huge red flag for the studios and big platforms, that will only prevent them from exploring and adopting blockchain and BitTorrent.




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