What to expect from Flixxo’s beta (and what not to expect)

D-Day has come, and we are super proud of the results of last few months hard work. We have gathered and amazing dev team that turned our vision into a platform, we are confident on the thousands of lines of code already deployed and, at the same time, we are a little ashamed of releasing this version without being as visually appealing as we would like it to be. But we wanted to deliver first, staying true to our announced release date and start having feedback from our community, which has helped us all the way through this fundamental milestone.

Having said that, you may already have your download links and your access code. So let’s start using Flixxo! Where are we standing? The platform is fully functional, it’s core is the p2p video distribution based on BitTorrent protocol and the incentives for the network built on top of our $flixx token. Furthermore, there is an injection of $flixx into the ecosystem when you watch advertisement. Any user can earn tokens by sharing content, uploading content or watching a commercial. If you have tokens on your ERC-20 wallet, you can deposit them in your Flixxo account as well. Can you withdraw tokens? Not automatically, an administrator will reach you back and will manage all the process.


In order to watch content you need $flixx. There is a chance of earning some tokens by watching an ad during the onboarding process, but you can always hit the “Watch ad” button in the lower right corner of your app, just on top of your wallet.

The more ads you watch in a row, the lesser advertisers will be keen to pay for your attention. You will notice there is a halvening on their offer after watching a commercial but, after a while, your reward will be increased again. This is not a real advertisement marketplace as we are using our company’s $flixx to fuel the platform during the testing period, so we have an algorithm that defines the price of the advertising based on users and global demand of ads.

Deposit address

If you want to know what it feels like to use a token you got at an ICO to do something that’s actually useful :) you can make a deposit of $flixx in your account and watch more content without the hassle of watching ads. First you need to generate an address. Go to your wallet (yellow circle with a flixx token on it, lower right corner of the screen) and, as your wallet is deployed in the center of the platform, choose the Deposit icon, then Generate address. This address is unique for your user and you won’t have control over it’s private key, so we strongly recommend to deposit only very small amounts.

This is a beta and we take no responsibility for lost tokens. Remember, Ethereum blockchain cannot handle microtransactions right now (scalability and high fees), so we’ve decided to start on a centralized manner and gradually turn into a fully decentralized platform as new scalability solutions see the light in the upcoming months.

Wow! This is awesome. You’re earning an actual cryptocurrency for participating and contributing to a network. And you can exchange your $flixx for other crypto on any of the exchanges that are listing our token: KuCoin, Qryptos, Bancor Network, Livecoin, Gatecoin, Idex and Etherdelta.

Yes, a lot can be improved. We know that. And we know that user experience is key into building a mainstream app, so our next steps are:

  • Content discovery tools: we will use AI and Big Data to deploy the best recommendations for every user. Our roadmap also includes human intelligence, as we will develop tools for content curators to participate in the network and earn $flixx for their work.
  • Episodes: better UX/UI for episodic content.
  • Channels: follow your favorite content creators.
  • Boost and warranties: in order to upload videos you’ll need a warranty to avoid spam, low quality and unlicensed content. We will activate the Boost button to take a video to the moon (read more here)
  • Stats and balances: this is coming ASAP. More info on where your $flixx came from and more stats for content creators on consumer’s behaviors when watching their videos.
  • Peg to FIAT: set the price of your content on USD, EURO, etc to avoid volatility.
  • Multiple authors: automatic revenues split for content with multiple creators.
  • More control on the usage of your resources: choose which videos to distribute, how much bandwidth you feel like sharing, how many connections you’d allow at the time and more. If your BitTorrent client has this option, we will have it as well.
  • Cast to your TV: Chromecast, Apple TV and any other screen casting devices compatibility.
  • Mobile and web versions: smartphones is where people tend to watch videos nowadays. And mobile is where we are going next.

In the upcoming days our job will be to deal with bugs and fixes. Along with the first real users we will start learning from our community social behaviors in order to build a truly decentralized content delivery network that will be able to compete with the biggest centralized data storage and distribution solutions available nowadays.

Right now we are celebrating the release of the platform. It was an amazing journey and lot of hard work from all of our team. We are proud, and hope you are proud too. We wouldn’t had done this without your support!



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